5 Tips to Drinking Responsibly on 4th of July


Drinking Responsibly Craft Beer on 4th of July

Drink Craft Beer! Drink Responsibly!

It’s no surprise that the 4th of July, or Independence Day as it is also called is one of the biggest drinking days of the year. After all, beer and “The 4th” go together like BBQ & The 4th, sunshine and the 4th, and fireworks and the 4th! In fact, the only other days that American’s consume more tasty ales is on New Years Eve and Christmas. While it is encouraged to grab your favorite craft brew and sit back with friends and family and watch some cool fireworks, it must be said that drinking responsibly should be practiced.

5 Tips to Drinking Responsibly:

1. Drink slowly and be sure to knock back a few bottles of water. Drinking slowly should not be an issue if you are consuming a good craft beer. This is not fizzy yellow piss you’re consuming, so take it slow and soak up those flavors.

2. If you’re wandering away from the comforts of your own home, DON’T NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DRIVING! As a precaution to driving while impaired, take a taxi or an Uber to your end destination. That way, if you do consume too much, you’re horrible judgment cannot put you behind the wheel of a vehicle. DUI is the least of your concerns if you choose to drive after a day of consumption. Think about the lives of others that you may effect.

3. Do not leave your drink unattended. Unfortunately we are living in a day and age when there’s people that prey on others. After a couple of drinks, you may not have the focus as you did at the beginning of the day, so be cautious about where you leave your drink.

4. Eat. It’s important to fill the belly with some good grub. It’s the 4th of July, so there should not be a shortage of food laying around. Eat. Drink some water. Sip your beer. Repeat.

5. Purchase lower alcohol beer. If you’re an IPA drinker, there’s good news for you; Session IPA’s are becoming more and more popular so you’re not just stuck with consuming a 8.5% brew. The same can be said about Stouts; look for those low 4-5% brews.


It’s America’s birthday this weekend, so let’s celebrate! Just be sure that when you are consuming, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Please drink responsibly.

Enjoy the weekend!

MADD: http://www.madd.org

Root Real Beer Float Recipe


Real Beer Float

Beer & Ice Cream Float

What’s there not to like about beer? What’s not to like about ice cream? It only makes sense to combine the two.

So, with that being said, it’s just about time for the 4th of July, and what better way to cool off and relax than with a ‘Root Real Beer Float.’ It’s refreshing, it’s tasty, and it will no doubt make you feel like a kid again. A big, beer drinking kid! In this recipe, I highly recommend using a really good Milk Stout, or a nice strong Russian Imperial. If you’re going to do it then make sure it’s done right! I’ll be trying to get my hands on some of the Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewery, out of Longmont, Colorado. So excited to have these guys now distributing to Southern California.

Stout (Classic Beer Style)

Root Real Beer Float Recipe:


1 Pint of BEER! (Milk Stout or Russian Imperial preferred)
1/2 Pint Ice Cream
5 Cherries
Whipped Cream (optional)

Take ice cream and put into two separate glasses. Pour beer over ice cream. Add the cherries and top it off with whipped cream.

Sit back, drink up, cool off, and celebrate America’s birthday!

Rockin’ Brews & Tunes: Volume 1



Hop Head Red & Red Headed Stranger

ALBUM: Willie Nelson; Red Headed Stranger: Released in 1975, this was the first album released by Willie since signing a new contract with Atlantic Records. The new label gave him complete creative control, so when Willie came to the label with the completed album, they thought it was just the demo. Willie insisted that the album was complete, and it was released as is. The album reached #1 on the Billboard Country music charts and was certified Gold on March 11, 1976. One of my all-time favorite albums!

BEER: Green Flash; Hop Head Red: One of my favorites from Green Flash. This is categorized as an Amber/Red Ale, however the powerful hop aroma and taste turns it more to the side of an IPA. Nice, deep red color and a big frothy head make for a great brew. Enjoy the loads of Amarillo hops that seem to fly directly from the glass and into your senses.